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Thanks for checking out my (our) very first official blog!! I've always kind of hated the word "blog" so I could never quite bring myself to do it but I do enjoy writing. Apparently it takes an epic trip to Africa to get me motivated (no offense to special servicing which is also extremely exciting). While I'm really looking forward to writing about our 2 months of volunteering and exploring South Africa with a dash of Uganda, the reality of the situation on this fine, drizzly, Groundhog Day morning is this: we're 4 days out, we can barely walk through our hotel room (too embarassed to even let the maid in), our passports are somewhere in the embassy of Uganda hopefully to be freed only hours before our flight, I still need to get my mumps vaccination re-upped and our amazing pets Willie and Felicity have no idea why we've deserted them or when we're coming back. :-/ I didn't realize how hard this would be!! If we get it all done, the 20 hour flight to South Africa may be a treat after this busy week!

For those of you for whom it rings a vague bell that Dave and I were going somewhere, here is the run-down on the trip:

Day 1 -- The Superbowl, on television, Washington DC - (after signing Nnamdi in July the Eagles were a shoe-in, obvi! *Interesting side note: Nnamdi's 2 favorite cities in the world happen to be Capetown and Paris)
The day after the Super Bowl-- Fly to Capetown and explore the city independently for a few days!
Feb 11 -- Take a day-long bus to Knsyna to volunteer in a township for two weeks with Edge of Africa
Feb 25 -- Volunteer with animals (including the Big Five!) at the Garden Route Game Reserve for two weeks
March 10 -- Begin traveling independently along the Garden Route, including a few days in Mossel Bay with some old friends
March 20 -- Fly to Johannesburg for a 5 day safari at Kruger National Park
March 26 -- Fly to Entebbe, Uganda for a mountain gorilla trek in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
March 31 -- Back to Capetown for another week of exploring!
April 5 -- Back to the US for some Wendy's chili...

One thing of note is that we're not exactly slumming it. We've tried to pick some reasonably priced, moderately comfortable hotels along the parts of the trip where we had that opportunity (i.e. weren't volunteering or in Uganda), so I don't want anyone to get any wrong ideas here about how earthy we are. We're not. We kind of wish we were, but we're simply not. I mean we just returned our backpacks to REI and went to Macys to get rolling duffles instead, I think that says enough. Still, it should make for an exciting adventure...

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